Poetry books, some with matching photographs and illustrations.

-Thoughts and Reflections Volumes one and two.

-POKES (POetic joKES)

-This is POKES 2 (Soon to be released)

-South African Tattoo's

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Performance videos of David and other live music/poetry events.

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Music and Poetry Collaborations

Mervyn Fuller and David Nicoll collaborated and released six cd's where David was the lyricist and Mervyn the song writer. WE ARE MAD (Mervyn And Dave)

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Performance video's by others

Performance video's by friends in my life's journey

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Poetry with Music

David Nicoll and friends volumes 1,2 & 3. Contain poetry with many diverse musical backgrounds. All recorded and produced with friends in South Africa.

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Tattoos and Body Art

Tattoos on people in the Northern hemisphere.

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SMAAPP (Scottish Musicians and Artistes Against the Poisoning of our Planet)

A community of like minded people who are against the destruction of our beautiful planet. We like to spread our word through music, poetry, painting and all other creative gifts. We do not consent to living under long white streaks in the sky every day.

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